About Corby Stutzman, Piano Teacher

As a teacher, my main purpose is to provide you with a strong musical foundation and to keep you interested in playing.

I create an individualized plan and let you choose songs you love to supplement your method book studies (I use Piano Adventures for children, Alfred for adults.)

I write down the “practice prescription” for the week so you know what should be worked on.

I teach children and adults.

I will help you with:

  • Learning different styles including Classical, Pop, Boogie, Blues
  • Improving your “Feel”
  • Learning songs quickly and efficiently
  • Technique
  • Memorization
  • Music Theory

There are SO MANY THINGS you might be interested in working on such as ….

  • Creating proper practice habits so you’re not spending wasteful time at the piano
  • Learning effective techniques for memorization.
  • Improving your “Feel”
  • Improving your technique
  • Interpretation of pieces from the different classical periods
  • Learning to read lead sheets
  • Improving understanding of Music Theory
  • Performance management

I’ve got specific techniques for all of the above, and more. I don’t say “Just do it this way.” I have tried and true techniques you can use, such as “Pulse Play,” “Shadow Play,” “Visualization,” “Mental Play,” “Spot Work,” “Wrist Rotate” and more.

And all the while I teach I keep it simple, yet interesting.

Call (868) 869-9471 for rates and come take a lesson to learn and have fun while you’re at it!